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The Point of Stitch

The Embroiderers Guild NSW has again been allocated a generous display space by Expertise Events at the Craft and Quilt Fair in Darling Harbour, Sydney. The Fair will run from Wednesday 20 to Sunday 24 June 2018.

There is a new group organising the Guild’s display next year - Team 18 and you will find the names and contact details of the members involved at the end of this article.

Theme for 2018 is The Point of Stitch. Team 18 is asking you to make work that demonstrates the Point of Stitch in any or all of the four installations listed below, using traditional or contemporary hand and /or machine embroidery. Two secondary themes that flow through all work will be the point of recycling and colour in stitch. 

It is important that you read the full and detailed brief where you will find more ideas and references to help you!

Craft & Quilt Fair 2018 The Point of Stitch Craft & Quilt Fair 2018 The Point of Stitch (954 KB)


All photographs have been taken by Cheryl Aitkin unless otherwise specified.      

The Point of Stitch Installations

Installation 1:            Postcard sized

Pointing out that stitches are used to make and mend in a postcard sized work ie a 10x15cm rectangle of paper, fabric, felt, etc.  

Make small works that demonstrate how we use stitch to sew seams, pleats, darts, etc and how we use stitch to mend, darn, patch, etc. Please tear the edges of your paper postcard and leave raw edges on your fabric ones.

Colour Palette: Up to 2 of the magic colours as well as white, black, grey, silver, gold


Cheryl Aitkin


Patricia Chambers

Installation 2:            Organza works

Pointing out the importance of colour and decoration in stitch on a piece of white or ivory organza.

Your design should measure up to 15x20cms on a piece of organza that is 17x26cms ie an edge of 1cm each side and 3cms top and bottom so the pieces can be joined to form a long curtain like drape. Use any design you find pleasing but please make it decorative.

Colour Palette: Up to 8 of the magic colours as well as white, black, grey, silver, gold


Cheryl Aitkin


Judith Langdon

 Installation 3:            The Bottomless cup

Pointing out an environmental issue in stitch, on a cleaned used takeaway coffee cup.

Cut out the base and paint your cup so it fits into your colour palette and decorate it with recycled ‘stuff’ ie lace, mesh, anything that works and stitch into the surface.

This could be a great group project!

Colour Palette: Up to 8 of the magic colours as well as white, black, grey, silver, gold


Leslie Lockwood     


Embroiderers from Team 18


Installation 4: Wow that’s Art

Pointing out stitch can create colourful art with recycled objects ie make clothing, a wall hanging up to 1m x1m or a 3D object that is up to 50cm x 50cm x 50cm. The theme is yours to choose and you will find inspiration on Pinterest, Flickr and Instagram. 

Colour Palette: any of the colours


Deconstructed thread jacket
Evelien van Pruissen


Spirit women - blue stone stories
Jackie Abrams


We are asking you to:

1) recycle and repurpose fabric and other raw materials where possible to demonstrate stitching can make a point by drawing attention to environmental issues associated with waste disposal; and

2) use colour to bring richness and brightness to your work.

You are asked to choose some of the following colours when making an item that demonstrates the point of stitch: 

The Colour Palette by Effie Mitrofanis

Effie's Magic Colours – DMC stranded cotton and perle 5 & 8

Yellow 783, 3820, 728          Magenta red 718           Yellow green 581, 166
Orange 720, 721, 740           Hot pink 600                 Bright green 907
Ruby red 321                        Violet552, 333               Aquamarine 958

Bright blues 995, 597, 3843 (available in stranded only)

Effie's Zinger colours 995 electric blue & 718 Magenta red

Other colours
White Blanc       Grey 317, 318           Black  310             Silver               Gold
The DMC numbers are given as a guide only and please remember to embellish with sequins, beads, etc.

All work should be original and designed for this display. Work should be completed and at the Guild by 21st May, 2018.

Work will be exhibited at the Guild after the Craft and Quilt Fair and if the maker agrees the postcards and recycled and repurposed coffee cups will be for sale as a fund raiser for the Guild.


Team 18 contacts:

Cheryl Aitkin                       0428966612      
Pat Chambers                    0422938419      
Margaret Gollan                 02 97982227     
Judith Langdon                  02 42675905     
Leslie Lockwood                 0413919634      
Gael MacArthur                  0414321599