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Margaret Oppen Competition Winners

With a theme of 'Diamonds and Other Treasures' the competition has ended and the winners are......

Annual General Meeting Sat 21 Oct 2017

Notice to all members. The AGM will take place on Saturday 21st October 2017 at 11.30am. ..

Convenor's Meeting Sat 21 Oct 2017 10am

A Convenor's Meeting will be held on Saturday 21st October 2017 at 10am at the Guild Headquarters, 7..

Margaret Oppen Competition Information

Margaret Oppen was one of the founders of the Embroiderers’ Guild NSW Inc. She always enc..

Tutors willing to Travel   

Here is a list of Tutors that are happy to travel to various areas to present a workshop. For further information please Contact Us
Susan Barker
Travel:  Drive up to 300 kms, willing to go further if train or fly if further than 300 kms 
Restrictions: None
Techniques: Free machine embroidery, mixed media techniques for making backgrounds for machine or hand embroidery, surface stitchery with colour and stitch.
Workshops: Can consult with convenor and tailor make a workshop.
1. Beautiful Blooms
2. All Fine
3. Layering Workshop
4. Contemporary French-Style Ribbon Embroidery

Chris Bennett
Travel:  No more than two hours drive
Restrictions: Weekends Only
Techniques: Patchwork and quilting. Practical Teaching Skills (PTS), Judging Accreditation Program (JAP)
Workshops: 1. All forms of patchwork and quilting
2. Willing to run a Practical Teaching Skills Workshop and Judges Accreditation workshop over a two day weekend and then set assignments to follow on a monthly correspondence basis.

Mary Brown
Travel: No restrictions 
Techniques: Metal Thread Embroidery, can work in all techniques with surface stitch, bead and sequin embroidery.
Workshops: Design and Metal Thread workshops
Margaret Gollan
Travel:  Will drive anywhere in NSW. Billeting if an overnight stay.
Techniques: Surface Stitchery
Workshops: Indian Inspired Book Cover - Beginners to intermediate level, in surface stitchery.
Marg Light
Travel:  Not prepared to drive prefer rail or fly.
Restrictions: Availability subject to other commitments
Techniques: Surface Stitchery - specialising in crewel embroidery
Workshops: Variety of workshops available

Janet Luce
Travel:  Willing to travel 
Restrictions: Availability subject to other commitments
Techniques: Crewel work
Workshops: Variety of workshops available.
1. One of Life's Necessities - crewel work.

Dianne Magro
Restrictions: Not available Tuesdays
Techniques: Surface Stitchery
Workshops: 1. Whimsical Book Wrap
2. The Crewel Roll
3. Art Deco needlebook
4. Nimble Fingers Brooches
5. Mountmellick Hide Away
6. Symphony in Silk

Annette Meldrum
Travel:  No restrictions, will drive or fly depending on destination 
Restrictions: Non smoking preferred, will billet
Techniques: Any form of needlework
Workshops: 1. Borris Lace 
2. Carrickmacross Lace
3. Limerick Lace
4. Needlelace edges
Several projects available in all techniques. Suitable for beginners to experienced

Jenny O'Sullivan
Travel:  No restrictions, is very interested in tutoring Country Groups
Techniques: Surface Stitchery
Workshops: 1. Playing with Pesel 
2. Glasgow Rose
3. Paraphernalia
4. Colourwheel Caterpillar

Carolyn Pearce
Travel:  Will drive 3 hours.
Techniques: Wool and Silk ribbon embroidery, thread painting, Crewel embroidery
  • Tulip Book cover - thread painting
  • Strawberry Fayre Necessaire
  • Crewel embroidered book cover
  • Home Sweet Home work box
  • Thread painted Violets - Needlework accessories
  • Silk Ribbon Embroidery
Jan Pilgrim
Travel:  Willing to travel anywhere by car, train or plane.
Restrictions: Non-smoking accommodation
Techniques: Surface stitchery, gold and metal embroidery, stumpwork, beading, felting and combinations of these techniques.
Workshops: See for workshops or contact Jan for more workshops.

Alison Snepp
Travel:  Either flights, car travel or train, by arrangement with individual group.
Restrictions: Suggest bookings are made 6-12months in advance.
Techniques: Counted thread in many forms, surface stitchery, Indian and Greek embroidery techniques
Workshops: Many workshops available. Will discuss with convenors her teaching fees. Provides a detailed list of requirements for workshops.

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