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Duration: 5 days over 5 months
Course Dates:Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 March 2021
Saturday 8 May 2021
Saturday 14 August 2021
Saturday 30 October  2021

Class times: 10am to 3:30pm with 30 minutes for lunch
Venue: 76 Queen St, Concord West NSW
Fees: Standard price $720    Members price $600
Fees due by: 13 February 2021
Skill level: Experienced
Mentoring Tutor:

Effie Mitrofanis,

Course Outline

The aim of EXTENSIONS2021  is to extend the personal development of participants.

Starting where they are now, outcomes will be different for each person. It is a journey, a step-by-step process, where the journey is the course which will culminate with a final Outcomes Review and a Certificate of Completion.

This course is designed to provide an experience to practice and study an aspect of a style of embroidery within a technique of your choice to extend knowledge and skills of historical and contemporary embroidery. It is a structured course supported by guidance and mentoring together with access to the Guild’s facilities of the Historical Collection, new Research Room and Library.

This is an exciting new opportunity to experience a personal journey within a group of like-minded embroiderers and the Guild’s up-to-date facilities.

For those who have already begun in 2020, please continue your studies, samplers and anything else you may wish to do to continue the work you already started in 2020 and use the Guild facilities especially those of the Threaded Needle and Library. Mentoring will recommence from the first day of the course, i.e. 13 March 2021.

For further information contact Effie Mitrofanis through the Guild email address;

        Canvas Work
        Counted Thread
        Drawn Thread
        Machine Embroidery
        Metal Thread Embroidery
        Pulled Fabric
        Surface Stitchery
        Three dimensional embroidery
        White Work – work originating as white on white or self-coloured embroidery where the
                               technique is not able to be studied under any other listed category.

Counted Thread: means counted surface stitches where the fabric is not pulled, cut or withdrawn. It includes cross stitch and pattern darning but not canvas work where the thread lies on the surface of the fabric.

Drawn Thread: refers to techniques where only the fabric threads are removed, either vertically and/or horizontally.  It includes Italian cut work which is a form of Drawn Thread work.

Pulled Fabric: certain parts of the fabric are pulled together to open other parts and is combined with surface stitches.

White Work: includes ‘Cut Work’, where small areas of the background are cut away and fine needlework.  Fine Needlework incorporates shadows and openness of fabric and thread to give an appearance similar to lace with emphasis on dense areas in design.

Be encouraged by mentor/s
Describe the style contained within the technique
Be informed of technical procedures relevant to transfer of designs, finishing and making up
        processes, materials and other equipment
Portfolio of process to include a Visual Journal, refer to outcomes below
Compiling a Bibliography
Present finished work effectively
Assess final results in relation to starting point and objectives

A Traditional/Historical work
A Contemporary work
A brief 2 page history of the style within the chosen technique
Stitch sample(s) demonstrating knowledge of the style within the chosen technique
Visual Journal with samples
Exhibition in Guild rooms

Outcomes Review
Participants together with Mentoring Tutor to evaluate outcomes in relation to starting point
        and objectives

This course is open to Guild members only, enrolled participants must maintain financial membership of the Guild for the entire duration of the course.
For more information email  or  phone 02 9743 2501