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Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Duration2 modules; available for individual purchase at any time during the year
DeliveryBy post
Fees$75.00 per module (includes course notes, fabric, threads and assessment within six months of purchase).
Enrolment DeadlineN/A
FacilitatorCarolyn Pearce

Course Outline

Notes from the Facilitator:

This course is for beginners – for those who would love to stitch with those delicate silk ribbons but lack the confidence to try.

The course is divided into 2 modules. Each module has its instructions, coloured photocopies of step by step samples and ribbons which will enable you to build up a workbook of finished samples.
You will make step by step samples on quilter’s muslin, as many as you like, to be returned for helpful comments.

Each sample and its comments can be stapled to its page so that you will build up a reference file that will help you when you attempt all those lovely projects in books and magazines.
If I feel an actual sample will help you achieve a nicer outcome, I am more than happy to send back to you a worked flower – “a picture is worth a thousand words”.
Module 1:
Spiders web Rose
: 2 types of stem stitch rose: combination running stitch and colonial knot rose and French knot as well as a page of tips about using and storing ribbons and quantities to buy.
Straight stitch: to create a tiny pansy, useful as a filler in a design.
Loop stitch: to create a 5 petal flower.

Module 2:
Ribbon stitch: leaves, violets, briar rose, foxgloves
Side ribbon stitch: rose bud, briar rose
Twisted detached chain: rose buds, leaves.

Ideally each module will take you a month to complete and return to me for comments. However, I understand at times this is not always feasible, so you can return your work when you are able within the six month time period.

I want you to love to embroider as much as I do – it is the journey, not necessarily the end that is important. Even if you are not at all happy with your attempts, please do return them. Often it is a small something which will make all the difference, so that your next attempt will bring a smile to your face!

Regards from Carolyn Pearce

This course is open to Guild members only.  Enrolled students must maintain financial membership of the Guild for the entire duration of the course.

For more information about this course or to enrol contact the Guild.