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Festival of Lace Conference Lectures Online

Duration10 lectures (each approx 45min and Q&A time + bonus tour of the Lace Exhibition)

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The Festival of Lace was hosted by the Embroiderers' Guild NSW in February 2021. The conference lectures are now available online.
There are 10 lectures on the history and future of lace given by a number of very knowledgeable local and international speakers.

The 10 lectures (each approximately 45min + Q&A time and a bonus tour of the accompanying exhibition) can be accessed for a total cost of $50.
You will be asked to create an account before you purchase the course. You can then view the lectures at any time.

You can pause the lecture and resume when you next login. There is no expiry date and can be watched at any time.
If you choose to download the lectures, you can also watch them offline.

This online course is open to any person who has an interest in the history/future of Lace