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Simone Merry

Simone Merry (1906 - 2005) was a French woman who migrated to Australia after WWII.

As a very accomplished musician she was employed as the music teacher at Abbotsleigh Girl’s School in Wahroonga. Here she met Dorothea Allnut, the school’s craft teacher who also happened to be one of the founding members of the Embroiderers' Guild NSW.  Simone had embroidered before migrating to Australia but on meeting Dorothea she turned to contemporary embroidery.  

She used embroidery to visualise her own life and her contemporary world, using an illustrative and often whimsical style.

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Simone Merry by Gina Woodhill  Simone Merry’s eldest granddaughter who spent many precious times with Simone as a little girl.

Simone Merry by Jennifer Lamb  Exhibition of Simone Merry's work (June 1991), written by Jennifer Lamb, Director of the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery.
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Simone Merry Retrospective held at Embroiderers' Guild NSW (August 2014). Exhibition curated by Mary Brown, Artist Embroiderer, Guild Tutor, Author 

Photo Galleries of Simone's work, click on image to enlarge - Photographer Yvette Stanton

Works of Simone Merry

Painted design for embroideryPainted design for embroidery


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