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Margaret Oppen Competition 2013

Theme 'Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow'

Margaret Oppen was one of the founding members of the Guild and every two years a competition is held in her honour.

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Winners: Traditional, Contemporary, Tutors and Past Winners

Elaine Dwyer ?Handy Hannah? 1Elaine Dwyer ?Handy Hannah? 2Elaine Dwyer ?Handy Hannah? 3Elaine Dwyer ?Handy Hannah? 4
Enid Taylor ?Waste Not Want Not? 1Enid Taylor ?Waste Not Want Not? 2Enid Taylor ?Waste Not Want Not? 3Enid Taylor ?Waste Not Want Not? 4
Cathy Jack Coupland ?Most Beautiful World of Peaceful Harmony? 1Cathy Jack Coupland ?Most Beautiful World of Peaceful Harmony? 2Cathy Jack Coupland ?Most Beautiful World of Peaceful Harmony? 3Cathy Jack Coupland ?Most Beautiful World of Peaceful Harmony? 4


Audrey Best ?The Rose Bush?Ann Kennon ?Table mat?Betty Cox M for Mather Arcade, HobartCaterina Galati ?Neck Roll?
Diane Edwards ?Galah?Elaine Dwyer ?Handy Hannah?Elaine Longmuir ?Yesterday, Today and Beyond?Margaret Smith ?Uzbekistan Yesterday?
Maronelle Windsor ?Elizabethan-esque Sampler No 1?Penelope Wright ?Punica Granatum?Yvonne Parry ?Bonsais in Stages?


Photo Gallery 1

Barbara Reinhard ?Kit and Caboodle & Wise Old BirdBarbara Reinhard ?Wise Old BirdClare Muzzatti ?Victorian Bushfires 2009?Donna Caffrey ?Painted Fancy?
Diana Henderson ?nothing stays the same?Diana Perlowski ?Yesterday, Today and Beyond?Elizabeth Meakin ?Burnt Banksia?Enid Taylor ?Waste Not Want Not?
Fay Grant ?Rose - From Bud to Hip?Georgina Wilson-Greene ?Virtual Clockwork?Jaci Heyman ?Metamorphosis 1?Kim Butler ?Mrs Op?

Photo Gallery 2

Leslie Lockwood ?Mirror to the World?Margaret Morgan ?Please! NO CSG?Marie Yeardley ?Frozen World Today's World Dead World?Nola Williams ?The Cazneaus Tree?
Robyn Johnstone ?Pushing Yesterday beyond Today?Raine Phillips ?There will always be WAR?Sheila Beer ?A Year in Stitch?Shirlene Charlton ?Sandy Hook: Gun Control?
Wendy Schmid ?Reflecting on Rivers?

Tutors and Past Winners

Cathy Jack Coupland ?Most Beautiful World of Peaceful Harmony?Cathy Jack Coupland ?Abstraction?Dianne Magro ?The Cycle of Life?Jan Pilgrim ?Fungi II?
Marie Laurie ?Kenmare scarf or maybe table runner?Marie Laurie ?Borris Vest?Margaret Stephens ?Back of Beyond?Susan Barker ?Forever Flowers (will there always be flowers?)?
Sharyn Hutchens ?Fashion Feutrage?Wendy Fuller ?Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly - a necklace?