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Lateral Stitchers

Jan - Nov on the 4th Tuesday, 10am - 2pm (online when necessary)
Margaret Gollan Attn: Margaret  Gollan in the subject
Meeting Location:    
76 Queen St, Concord West NSW 2138
About our Group

Lateral Stitchers was formed in 1991 with the aim of designing, stitching and creating innovative Textile Art to exhibit to as wide an audience as possible. To this end, we have exhibited in art galleries (including Gallery 76), various community venues and traveling exhibitions. Every two years, Lateral members work towards an exhibition of new works. 

We share our ideas, develop and hone skills and techniques, but choose to work individually and independently.  Themes are put forward co-operatively and discussed. Group workshops expand and extend minds and techniques - and - with a bit of 'lateral thinking' here and there, the end result is always creative and different from each other.  

Australian poetry has been an influential theme in our group work in recent exhibitions - having portrayed stanzas of Dorothea McKellar's 'My Country' and John Kinsella's 'Spatial Realignment of Jam Tree Gully'.  More recently we have stitched with hope and patience during COVID lockdowns whilst creating our pieces for 'Going Viral' and have designed Chrysanthemum motifs for a Japanese inspired group apron to be exhibited as part of the Guild's High Tea in the Gardens project.

Our membership is widespread. The most southern member hails from Jervis Bay and our most northerly member is just over the NSW-Qld border. Since April 2020, a smaller cluster of Laterals members have looked forward to sharing some social stitching over the internet. Most members travel to Concord West for our monthly meetings and visit the Guild library. 

If you feel you wish to join us, then come to a meeting or two, bring an example of your work and see if our style would suit your creative endeavours.