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Cathy Jack Coupland

Accredited TutorPatchwork

Photo Gallery

Pure Pleasure, embroiderer and photographer Cathy Jack CouplandKimono, embroiderer and photographer Cathy Jack CouplandMy Country My Way,embroiderer Cathy Jack Coupland, photographer Paula TriggBeading sample, embroiderer and photographer Cathy Jack Coupland
Papillon, embroiderer Cathy Jack Coupland, photographer Paula TriggMost Beautiful World of Peaceful Harmony, embroiderer Cathy Jack Coupland, photographer Paula TriggRainforest, embroiderer Cathy Jack Coupland, photographer Paula TriggReef, embroiderer Cathy Jack Coupland, photographer Paula Trigg


Cathy is an active contributor to Australian textiles, exhibiting throughout Australia and internationally, with numerous works held in private collections.  Her approach to technique has progressed to where the work is now completely covered with machine-made stitch, creating incredible dimension and visual interest.  

Renowned for her use of strong, clean colours, Cathy is always looking to extend her own self-learning, process and outcomes.  Cathy has completed an on-line Masterclass in Art Business, has begun an on-line Teaching Course and is currently researching the world of Podcasts.   

Cathy’s workshops in 2020 focus on creative machine embroidery, design, writing and photography.  Classes for machine embroidery range from beginners to confident stitchers.  Three newly designed classes include Design Clarity – a five-day study into design and processes, Energised Writing – a one-day class with a focus on crafting words to creatively describe you, the Artist and your stitching, and finally Photoshoot – another one-day class on styling your work to create images brimming with personality and pizazz, simply using your i-phone, props and some basic editing.

Cathy embraces learning through doing, using her passion to instil confidence, knowledge and expertise. Her wish is to inspire, encourage and motivate.

Cathy’s website, The Stitch Aesthetic, is a comprehensive resource for the creative stitcher/designer with regular blog posts pertaining to all things stitch and stitch-related.

For more information phone the Guild on 02 9743 2501 or