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Annette Meldrum

Accredited TutorNeedlelace

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Annette has been a member of the Wollongong Embroiderers Guild for over 30 years. Her life has been enriched by embroidery and friends who share her love of hand work. Embroidery has taken Annette all over the world to see the embroidered textile heritage of different countries and cultures. She has a small textile collection which includes examples of work from around the world. Her oldest piece, Italian Buratto needlelace, dates back to the 1600’s.
Annette also enjoys teaching embroidery and lacemaking and researching the old techniques.
In 2010, with Marie Laurie, Annette co-authored the book, The Borris Lace Collection: A Unique Irish Needlelace. The book is about a lace produced in Ireland as a means of providing income to families during the Potato Famine. The cottage industry closed down in the 1960’s and was forgotten and all knowledge lost. The book has helped to revive the lace and document the lace as a significant collection and cultural textile heritage of Ireland.

Annette recently retired from fulltime employment the University of Wollongong where she worked as a Librarian for 27 years, and has more time for teaching and her other interests. Apart from her recent Accreditation as Needlelace Tutor with the Embroiderers Guild, Annette has taught for the Lace Guild in several states. Her other qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts (Library Science) degree and Commercial Needlework Certificate (with Distinction) TAFE.

Annette is also Archivist for the NSW Lace Guild.

For more information phone the Guild on 02 9743 2501 or email: