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Get ready for the Festival of Goldwork in July. Featuring the Exhibition Opening on 2/7 at 4pm and the Goldwork Conference on 23/7 from 9:30-4pm at ACU. Goldwork bookings are open now !

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Tutors willing to Travel  

Here is a list of Tutors that are happy to travel to various areas to present a workshop. For further information please Contact Us
Susan Barker
Travel: Drive up to 300 kms, willing to go further if train or fly if further than 300 kms
Techniques:Free machine embroidery (for beginners to advanced), mixed media techniques for making backgrounds for machine or hand embroidery, surface stitchery with colour and stitch.

 1. Beautiful Blooms - a Silk Ribbon workshop where the silk fabrics are dyed on day one and stitched on day two
 2.All Fine - the hand stitch version of a free-machine embroidery workshop
 3. Layering Workshop
 4. Contemporary French-Style Ribbon Embroidery

Can consult with your Group Convenor to tailor make a workshop to suit.           

Chris Bennett
Travel: Drive up to 3 hours
Restrictions:Weekends or School Holidays
Techniques:Patchwork and quilting. Practical Teaching Skills, Judging Accreditation Program
Workshops:1. All forms of patchwork and quilting
2. Willing to run a Practical Teaching Skills Workshop and Judges Accreditation workshop over a two day weekend and then set assignments to follow on a monthly correspondence basis.
Mary Brown
Travel:No restrictions
Techniques:Metal Thread Embroidery, can work in all techniques with surface stitch, bead and sequin embroidery.
Workshops:Design workshops
Lynn Gibson
Travel: Willing to travel 4hrs north of Newcastle or go further by rail or plane.Interested in tutoring country groups
Restrictions:Accommodation required
Techniques:Surface Stitchery
Workshops:Variety of workshops available

Margaret Gollan
Travel: Will drive anywhere in NSW. Billeting if an overnight stay.
Techniques:Surface Stitchery
Workshops:Indian Inspired Book Cover - Beginners to intermediate level, in surface stitchery.

Sharyn Hutchens

Travel: Up to 4 hours travelling time from Hornsby
Restrictions:Weekends only. Required motel stay for Friday and Saturday nights.
Workshops:Rather not teach projects but help members translate their own design into embroidery.

Cathy Jack Coupland
Travel: Up to 2 hours from Sydney
Restrictions:Weekends only, no billeting
Techniques:Machine Embroidery

1. Flower Happy – free standing flowers
2. Sail Away – free standing sail boats
3. Shimmer – shisha work by machine
4. Stitched Masterpieces – stitched bowls

These and other workshops can soon be viewed at

Marg Light
Travel: Not prepared to drive prefer rail or fly.
Restrictions:Availability subject to other commitments
Techniques:Surface Stitchery - specialising in crewel embroidery
Workshops:Variety of workshops available    

Janet Luce
Travel: Willing to travel 
Restrictions:Availability subject to other commitments
Techniques:Crewel work
Workshops:Variety of workshops available.
1. One of Life's Necessities - crewel work.

Dianne Magro
Restrictions:Not available Tuesdays
Techniques:Surface Stitchery
Workshops:1. Whimsical Book Wrap
2. The Crewel Roll
3. Art Deco needlebook
4. Nimble Fingers Brooches
5. Mountmellick Hide Away
6. Symphony in Silk

Annette Meldrum
Travel: No restrictions, will drive or fly depending on destination 
Restrictions:Non smoking preferred, will billet
Techniques:Any form of needlework
Workshops:1. Borris Lace
2. Carrickmacross Lace
3. Limerick Lace
4. Needlelace edges
Several projects available in all techniques. Suitable for beginners to experienced

Jenny O'Sullivan
Travel: No restrictions, is very interested in tutoring Country Groups
Techniques:Surface Stitchery
Workshops:1. Playing with Pesel
2. Glasgow Rose
3. Paraphernalia
4. Colourwheel Caterpillar


Helen Parsons
Travel: No restrictions. Very keen to work with country and interstate groups.
All workshops to EGNSW groups are fund raisers for Guild capital projects.
Restrictions:Preferably weekends but will consider week days. Accommodation negotiated with individual groups. Non-smoking accommodation. Suggest bookings are made 6-12months in advance.
Techniques:Surface Stitchery
Workshops:1. Contemporary Whitework
2. Abstract Embroidery
3. Patched Embroidered Fashion
4. Take a walk through your favourite landscape with buttonhole stitch
My own work is constantly developing and new workshops can be offered following discussion with Group Convenor.


Carolyn Pearce
Travel: Up to 3 hours each way. Over 3 hours - train or plane.
Techniques:Silk ribbon embroidery, Surface stitchery, thread painting, wool embroidery
  • Heart Necessaire – crewel embroidery – fine silks, metallics, etc. and beads.
  • Thread painted Tulip Book Cover – fine wool
  • Crewel tulip journal cover – fine wool
  • Any projects published in magazine “Inspirations”
Jan Pilgrim
Travel: Willing to travel anywhere by car, train or plane.
Restrictions:Non-smoking accommodation
Techniques:Surface stitchery, gold and metal embroidery, stumpwork, beading, felting and combinations of these techniques.
Workshops:See for workshops or contact Jan for more workshops.

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