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Spare time? Locked down with an urge to be more creative and upskill? 
Embroidery Courses on offer to suit all levels !

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The Guild's tutors and judges are a powerhouse of creative energy and experience.  Their knowledge, generosity and passion for their craft is second to none.

These are the experts who develop and deliver our classes and courses. They travel to teach our country members, judge our competitions and author the books that inspire our needlework.
They are listed here in alphabetical order with their accredited techniques. Click on their names to read more about each of them.

indicates willing to travel please click here for further information.

Susan BARKER  Accredited Tutor   
Machine embroidery | Surface stitchery (specialising in ribbon work)

Chris BENNETT  Accredited Tutor, Accredited Judge   
Practical teaching skills | Patchwork & Quilting

Mary BROWN  Accredited Tutor, Accredited Judge   

Lynn GIBSON  Accredited Tutor, Accredited Judge  
Surface stitchery

Margaret GOLLAN Accredited Tutor   
Surface stitchery

Val HANCOCK (aka TOMLINS) Accredited Tutor
Surface Stitchery

Sharyn HUTCHENS  Accredited Tutor, Accredited Judge   
Metal Thread

Cathy JACK COUPLAND Accredited Tutor   
Jennifer KENNEDY  Accredited Tutor
Drawn thread | Pulled fabric | Surface stitchery
Judith LANGDON  Accredited Tutor
Surface stitchery | Creative embroidery

Marg LIGHT  Accredited Tutor   
Surface stitchery

Dianne MAGRO  Accredited Tutor   
Surface stitchery
Lorraine McMILLAN JONES  Accredited Tutor
Drawn thread

Annette MELDRUM  Accredited Tutor   

Elizabeth (Liz) MEAKIN  Accredited Judge   
All embroidery
Effie MITROFANIS  Accredited Tutor
Canvaswork | Crewelwork | Cutwork | Design & Colour | Drawn threadwork | Surface stitchery | Tassels & Cords | Whitework

Jenny O'SULLIVAN Accredited Tutor   
Surface stitchery

Helen PARSONS Accredited Tutor   
Surface stitchery

Carolyn PEARCE  Accredited Tutor  
Silk Ribbon Embroidery | Surface Stitchery | Thread Painting | Wool Embroidery

Jan PILGRIM  Accredited Tutor  
Surface stitchery
Adele RICHARDS  Accredited Tutor
Surface stitchery | Stumpwork
Yvette STANTON  Accredited Tutor
Hardanger | Mountmellick
Kath WILKINSON    Accredited Tutor, Accredited Judge
Surface stitchery | Applique | Machine embroidery
Lyall WILLIS    Accredited Tutor
Applique | Counted Thread | Patchwork & Quilting | Traditional Embroidery