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Roma Field Traditional Embroidery Competition

The Roma Field Competition is being started to foster the achievement of excellence in traditional embroidery design and technique.  Roma Field was one of the founders of the Embroiderers’ Guild and she was particularly interested in encouraging traditional embroidery.

Roma Field was an outstanding embroiderer who was dedicated to encouraging embroiderers to achieve excellent results through learning and developing skills in traditional embroidery.  She was President and Chairman of the Guild and later a Trustee.  She taught traditional embroidery classes and judged competitions not only for the Guild but also for the Country Women’s Association and the Royal Agricultural Society in New South Wales.

Much of Miss Field’s embroidery appears in “A Lifetime of Embroidery” by Roma Field which was prepared and published by the St Ives Group of the Embroiderers’ Guild in 1980.  This book would be a useful reference for embroiderers considering an entry into the Roma Field Competition.  Several copies are in the Guild Library.

Entries are invited for the 2022 Roma Field Competition.

Categories for this competition are:
Traditional embroidery (general members)
Traditional embroidery (tutors)

The first prize in each category will be $500.  Highly Commended certificates may be awarded at the judges’ discretion.  The winners will be announced on Thursday 6 October 2022 and will be exhibited at our gallery at 76 Queen Street Concord West from 6 to 30 October 2022.  Entry forms are due by 26 August 2022.

Terms and Conditions
1.Entries must be the member’s original design and own work.  Please abide by copyright legislation when designing your work.  Entries can be inspired by other embroiderers’ work but must not be copied.
2.Entries cannot have been undertaken during a workshop or class.
3.An Information Sheet is to be included with each entry form.  If another embroiderer’s work has been an important source of inspiration this should be acknowledged in the Information Sheet.
4.An Entry Fee of $25.00 will be charged for each Competition Entry.  The Entry Fee must accompany the completed Entry Form and Information Sheet for each item.
5.The entrant must be a financial member of The Embroiderers’ Guild NSW Inc.
6.The work must have been completed since 2020 and not previously exhibited.
7.Each entrant may submit two entries.
8.Entries should be delivered to the Guild’s Concord West Headquarters no later than 4pm on 25 September 2022.  Entrants are responsible for the costs of delivery and collection of their entries.
9.The maximum size per entry is 1.4m x 1.4m for 2 dimensional entries or 50cm x 50cm x 50cm for 3 dimensional/framed entries.  (Note: these dimensions are the maximum dimensions for any edge.  The dimensions are not cumulative.)
10.All works submitted must be compatible with the Gallery’s hanging system.  This means that works must have D-rings firmly attached to the work or frame OR be able to sit on a plinth 30cm x 30cm.  Table cloths must be suitable for display on a table.  If you are concerned your work will not be suitable to be displayed in this way or will require a specialist hanging system, please contact our Gallery Coordinator, April Spiers, before you submit your entry form.
11.The judges’ decision will be final.  Judging will be based on the following criteria:
Design (20%): concept of the embroidery and suitability for purpose.
Technique (20%): choice of technique and complexity of stitches.
Technical Skill (30%): quality of the embroidery and its execution.
Design realisation: (20%): achievement of the concept of the embroidery, suitability of materials and threads used and their colour/s.
Presentation (10%) the finish of the embroidery and its appropriateness to the work and its presentation.
12.Entrants may choose to offer their work for sale.  A commission of 40% on any piece that is sold will be payable to the Embroiderers’ Guild NSW Inc.  The price, including commission, will be nominated by the entrant at the time of submission of the entry.

Roma Field Entry Form 2022 - MS WordRoma Field Entry Form 2022 - MS Word (14 KB)

Roma Field Information Sheet 2022 - MS WordRoma Field Information Sheet 2022 - MS Word (12 KB)

Roma Field Conditions of Entry 2022 - PDFRoma Field Conditions of Entry 2022 - PDF (427 KB)

Entry forms due26 August 2022
Entries delivered to Guild4pm 25 September 2022
Winners AnnouncedThursday 6 October 2022
Exhibition at Gallery76 6 to 30 October 2022

Roma Field embroideries from our Collection or from her book 'A Lifetime of Embroidery'.