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Spare time? Locked down with an urge to be more creative and upskill? 
Embroidery Courses on offer to suit all levels !

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Upcoming Workshops

Workshops are typically technique based and allow participants to develop their skill sets. Unless otherwise stated, workshops take place from 10am to 3:30pm at 76 Queen St, Concord West. Please return to this page for more information as it comes to hand! Please note that any class denoted as '+' is fully subscribed and has a waitlist.

Standard  Fees
Member Fees
Payment Details
2D Felt Pictures Workshop

Denise Lithgow
April 13-14 2024
$375 plus
$25 kit
$280 plus
$25 kit
ASAP - Please call

3D Felted Vessel

Denise Lithgow

April 15 2024

$235 plus
$25 kit

$140 plus
$25 kit

ASAP - Please call

Start Stitching

Margaret Gollan

3rd Thu: July 18 Aug 15 Sep 19 Oct 17 Nov 21 10am-1pm 


$55 per lesson or $250 for 5 sessions

Beginners welcome
June 14 2024

+Three Sisters

Dianne Magro

June 8-9



April 12 2024 (Trybooking)

+Stitch a Message

Jo Dixey

June 15



Kids and Carer Special Workshop (10am-12 noon)
April 12 2024 (Trybooking)

+Traditionally Contemporary

Jo Dixey

June 17-18, 20-21 



April 12 2024 (Trybooking)

+Couching Curiosity

Nicole Barakat

June 29-30



All levels
April 12 2024 (Trybooking)

+Textures in a Grid

Debra Ryan

July 5 & 12



April 12 2024 (Trybooking)
+Thinking & Making
Sue Wood

July 16-19



April 12 2024 (Trybooking)

NOTE: + denotes this workshop forms part of the workshop for the Moving the Needle : The Australian Embroidery Revolution Program for June-July 2024. Prices exclude the booking fee and kit/material requirements. Bookings can be made online for all Moving the Needle Workshops by April 12 2024 via Trybooking, by telephone on 02 9743 2501 or in person at the Guild. Payments can be made by cash, credit card or direct deposit.

More details about the Workshops

Tailored Workshops on Demand

Can't see a workshop that interests you? If sufficient people are interested in the same technique/topic, we'll create a workshop ! So even if we are not planning to offer a course or a technique in the near future, register your interest. Alternatively with at least 8 of your friends approach the Guild to create a workshop tailored to your interests. What an excellent way to spend time together and create something beautiful from a shared experience.

Other Opportunities

If you are interested in expanding and deepening your knowledge across a wide range of techniques and committing dedicated time - guided by experienced tutors in specialist areas of embroidery technique, the Guild is pleased to offer this range of courses.

Workshop, School and Courses

You can access the Guild's policies here.